Zero Gravity


Our loyal customers are asset to us and that’s why your safety and comfort are of prime concern. We wish to assure all our current and future clients that our zero gravity tour is 100% safe. Our experienced pilots and professional instructors will assist you from the moment you arrive at the air base till the moment you leave. We can assure you that all your needs and requests during your zero gravity experience will be looked after. We will go to any length to ensure your comfort while managing and arranging your unforgettable lifetime flight in a professional manner in order guarantee your satisfaction.

What is zero gravity?

Zero gravity is the feeling of absolute weightlessness. It is a rare and wonderful experience that few people have ever experienced and is an invigorating thrill, which you will recount for years to come. You will feel little to no gravitational pull on your body previously only experienced by astronauts.

How is weightlessness achieved?

There is an exhilarating aerobatic manoeuvre that will enable you to float and feel total freedom. You will experience an adventure like no other…. Weightlessness! The jet will gather momentum as it ascends into the atmosphere resulting in a force twice that of the gravitational force on Earth. Feel the weightlessness as the pilot executes his control over the jet to allow you to feel zero gravity for more than 30 seconds.

A group of 15 people can book an aircraft in only 45000 EURO.
The cost for single person is 5200 EURO.


Motion trip offers a variety of packages for zero gravity experience. Packages can include luxurious travel, accommodation (3, 4 or 5 star as per request), meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and much more to exceed all your expectations. After your zero gravity flight, join with our local guides experiencing the beauty and culture and all the Moscow City has to offer. Your wish is our command.



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