Fly MiG 31 Edge-of-Space

Introduced: 1982
Role: Interceptor aircraft
Primary User: Russian Air Force and Kazakhstan Air Force
Developed from: Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-25

This jet is a high altitude and supersonic fighter interceptor aircraft. The MIG-31 made its first flight in September 1975. It is a large twin-engine aircraft with side-mounted air intake and twin vertical tail fins. The MiG-31 was the first Soviet fighter to have true “look-down” and “shoot-down” abilities. The wings and airframe of the MiG-31 are reinforced to permit supersonic flight at low altitudes.

The MiG-31 has different category as MiG-31 M, MiG-31 D, and MiG-31 BS standard aircraft. The MiG-31 aircraft is a two-seater jet gives control of the radar to the rear occupant. The MiG-31 aircraft is regarded by the leaders of the Russian Air Force as…“the most important air defence fighting aircraft”.

When you choose the MiG - 31 Fighter Jet experience, Motion Trip will ensure:

·         An unforgettable 50-minutes hair raising experience at high altitude.
·         You are provided with explicit detailed information about the function and history of the MiG-29   Fighter Jet.
·         Experience the thrill of the aerial loops, rolls, tail slides, sudden acceleration as you increase altitude and the dramatic dives towards Earth.
·         Witness the carefully executed manoeuvres as your pilot gives you the ride of your life.
·         Feel the mind-blowing power of supersonic speed.
·         See the amazing curvature of Earth from a rare perspective.
·         You can also control the Jet- if you dare!

Safety Measures:
For safety reasons, the pilot may find it necessary to make minor changes to your flight. However, fights are open to all ages and can be carefully tailored to meet you individual needs. Please mention these to you customer service consultant when booking your unforgettable Jet flight experience.

NOTE: There is no availability in this jet now-a-days...

Cost includes:

50 Min Flight
All paperwork
Translation services



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