Thursday, February 10, 2011


If your dream is to explore the space however unable to do so due to the major problem of budget. Motion Trip Pvt. Ltd., an Indian Travel Company has the best solution to make your dream come true. Avail a great opportunity to fly a fighter jet no matter about your profession. Esteem the curvature of the Earth on the altitude more than thrice from commercial airlines where you can feel the black pitch post disappearance of the blue sky. You will be on the top of the World with our experience pilots who will control the Jet and make your journey more comfortable. You can choose any Jet to fly high as below:

MIG 29 Jet - Supersonic : The Mikoyan MIG-29 is a 4th-generation jet fighter aircraft designed in the Soviet Union for an air superiority role. It is one of the most sophisticated jet fighters in the Russian Air Force.

MIG 31 Jet - Edge of space: The Miyokan MIG – 31 is a supersonic large twin engine aircraft. Its maximum range against fighter-sized targets is approximately 200 kms, and it can track up to 10 targets and simultaneously attack four of them with its missiles.

L-39 Jet: The Aero L-39 Albatros is a high-performance jet trainer aircraft made in Czechoslovakia. An L-39 was used in the popular James Bond film, Tomorrow Never Dies, where the James Bond character steals the aircraft. L – 39 Jet has several designed aircraft as below:

Fly L-39 Jet in-prague-czech-republic
Fly L-39-in-germany
Fly L-39-in-italy/RSM
Fly L-39-in-russia
Fly L-39-in-spain
Fly L-39-in-switzerland
Fly L-39-in-new-york-usa
Fly L-39-in-florida-usa
Fly L-39-in-california-usa

Hawker Hunter: The Hawker Hunter is the British aircraft widely explored with Royal Air Force. The engine was fed through triangular air intakes in the wing roots and had a single jet pipe in the rear of the fuselage.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Motion Trip provide: - Fly in real fighters such as the MiG-29, MiG-31, L-39, Hawker Hunter and other fighter jets from various airfields all over the World.
Make your Dream come true and Fly a Real Fighter Jet. Who didn’t feel like a fighter pilot when he was a boy? Now it’s your chance to make this dream come true and fly a fighter jet no matter your occupation. You can take pleasure in real Jet Fighter Flights together with our experienced pilots who will control the jet while in the air. If you vision to fly fighters.

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