Fly L-39 Jet in USA

Introduced:                  1971
Role:                            Military trainer aircraft & Light ground-attack aircraft
Primary User:               Soviet Air Force, Czechoslovak Air Force, Libyan Air Force, Royal and Thai Air Force
Developed from:          Aero L-29 Delfín

The L-39 Fighter Jet was the first of the second-generation jet trainers and the first turbo fan-powered trainer produced. The L-39 Albatros is the most commonly used jet trainer in the world. It is used for basic and advanced pilot training. Due to its versatility, the L-39 has been regularly called to service for light-attack missions.
The L-39 was used in the popular James Bond film “Tomorrow Never Dies”, where James Bond hijacks the Jet aircraft and flies away to destroy a pursuing L-39 jet.

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Experience the exhilarating flight in the L-39 Jet in New York, California and Florida.

 The unforgettable L-39 Jet flight with Motion Trip includes:

 ·        An unforgettable hair raising experience at high altitude.
 ·        You are provided with explicit and detailed information about the function and history of the L-39   Fighter Jet.
·        Experience the thrill of the aerial loops, rolls, tail slides, sudden acceleration as you increase altitude and
      the dramatic dives towards Earth.
·        Witness the carefully executed manoeuvres as your pilot gives you the ride of your life.
·        Feel the mind-blowing power of supersonic speed.
·        See the amazing curvature of Earth from a rare perspective.
·        You can also control the Jet- if you dare!

Safety Measures:

For safety reasons, the pilot may find it necessary to make minor changes to your flight. However, fights are open to all ages and can be carefully tailored to you’re your individual needs. We have considerable experience in organising, modifying flights and are able to meet the needs of most clients on request.

The Total Flight time with costs is:

        Flight Time

L-39 USA / California

45 min

USD 4180.00
L-39 USA / Florida

30 min
45 min
      60 min
USD 2,399.00
USD 2,999.00
               USD 3,499.00
L-39 USA / New York

      30 min
      45 min
      60 min
               USD 2,399.00
               USD 2,999.00
               USD 3,499.00


Cost includes:

·         Flight (see above for flight duration)
·         Translation services



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